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Video production in a changing, complex world

From minidocs to explainers to news pieces, videos I produce explore the frontiers of science with clarity — and humanity.

Awards & Testimonials

My work has been recognized with inclusion in the Best American Science and Environmental Writing, the Edward R. Murrow Awards and with fellowships at MIT and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

    Whether it’s a story about Medicare drug prices, nuclear war, or UFOs, collaborating with Eli to make television is always such a pleasure. He brings smart and creative approach to every story, and works to craft a great script every time. There’s no topic Eli can’t tackle, always turning it into a story that leaves audiences better informed, and dare I say it, entertained!

    Clayton Sandell
    National Correspondent, Scripps News

    Eli is very thorough, creative, and fun to work with. We’ve collaborated on several short segment that Eli produced for the news magazine show “The Why.” Eli was instrumental in brainstorming during pre-production phase of a 30 minute doc. Specifically the narrative flow, key story elements, and developing visual themes.

    Tom Clement

    Eli has produced some of the best content I’ve had the pleasure of working on. I don’t know anyone with his level of knowledge and experience in science, journalism, film production, project management, and writing. The perfect combination to tell some really impactful stories about our changing world and humanity. On top of that, he’s a great team lead and friend. I look forward to working together again.

    Mwita Chacha
    Director, Mwendo

    Eli has such excellent news judgment. He knows how to take a germ of an idea, sell it to the leadership team, refine and focus it, and then clear all hurdles to make it happen before deadline.

    He particularly excels at explanatory writing tailored to accompany motion graphics and other third-party visuals (agency & found footage). In terms of accuracy, fairness and journalistic standards, Eli is a safe pair of hands.

    Jason Bellini
    Scripps News

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