Videos I've produced or written have earned more than two million views on YouTube. I've partnered with the best video teams in the business, focusing on science explainer videos that feature gorgeous footage and fascinating topics.

Should you eat every day?
How intermittent fasting works, with It's Ok To Be Smart
The Moon and Biological Cycles
How lunar cycles affect animals, and why. I wrote the video, by It's OK To Be Smart
Thawing ice and changing Arctic life
Aboard a Arctic research ship scientists witness species at risk while a new ecosystem awakens
Arctic warming and global weather
Record heat in the Arctic affects winter storms thousands of miles away, underscoring connections between the region and other areas
Atlantic invaders in the Arctic
An Arctic journey aboard a research cruise encounters surprising fish
Climate Change is all upside Down
I created, produced and directed this comedic PSA, which won a contest at VidCon
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